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Company History

The Face Behind the Brand

Byron & Bronte was founded by British-born, Zürich-based online professional and untiring fitness enthusiast Zoë Burnard in 2013. After years of teaching various forms of fitness, and spending vast amounts of money on fitness gear in the process, the quest to find the perfect fitness outfit that is both functional and fashionable was never-ending. Tired of having to settle yet again for another pair of characterless workout pants and top, Zoë vowed one day to simply “design her own gear”.

Having completed a master’s degree in Health & Fitness Zoë took a “year out” to travel the world and consider next steps. It was whilst spending time on her favourite Australian beaches during a year out, namely “Byron Bay” in Queensland and “Bronte Beach” in Sydney, that the future became very clear. It was time to embark on what became project “Byron & Bronte”.


Naming the Company

Although many (considerably shorter and more pronounceable) names were brainstormed along the way, the idea of calling the company “Byron & Bronte” just felt right, not least because of the link to glorious sunny Australian beaches where the idea was shaped, but also as reference  to Zoë’s English heritage. Having been raised in England’s Bronte country, just a mere ramble away from the house depicted in Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” and having studied the works of Lord Byron, Zoë is very passionate about her British heritage. So there was no going back on the name, even if most of her Swiss friends and colleagues can’t even pronounce it!. 

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Getting Started

As they say .. Rome was not built in a day, and neither was Byron & Bronte. Built from scratch and with the help of a team of enthusiastic freelancers and fashion professionals, as well as with the help of honest and supportive friends and family, it took the best part of two years from conception to point of launching the first collection “Urban Nature” in August 2013. We hope you like what came out at the end!

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